Crawler Cranes

As the exclusive North American distributor, Global offers the full line of Zoomlion Crawler Cranes. Nine models are available, featuring lifting capacities ranging from 55 to 600 tons. Designed and engineered to the highest standards, and backed by a dedicated local service and support team, the Crawler line offers premium, world-class cranes to the U.S. and Canada.

Photo Model Ton Main Boom Jib Price
Zoomlion HCC80 crane HCC-80 80 US ton 187 ft 59 ft
Zoomlion QUY130 crane QUY130 143.3 US ton 239 ft 101.7 ft
Zoomlion QUY180 crane QUY180 198.4 US ton 301.8 ft 101.7 ft
Zoomlion QUY200 crane QUY200 220.5 US ton 272.3 ft 98.4 ft
Zoomlion QUY260 crane QUY260 289.6 US ton 273.3 ft 98.4 ft
Zoomlion QUY350 crane QUY350 385.8 US ton 393.7 ft 39.4 ft
Zoomlion QUY450 crane QUY450 441 US ton 413.3 ft 118 ft
Zoomlion QUY650 crane QUY650 716.5 US ton 452.8 ft 118.1 ft
Zoomlion ZCC1100H crane ZCC1100H 110 US ton 220 ft 59 ft
Zoomlion ZCC3000H crane ZCC3000H 300 US ton 272 ft 98 ft