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  • Excellent hoisting capacity (10% ~ 20% higher than that of the domestic products in the same industry).
  • The high-capacity hydraulic oil tank can have the hydraulic oil cooling fast and precipitated more fully to achieve better lubrication of the system.
  • The high-capacity fuel tank can ensure long operation, reduce the frequency of refueling and improve the working efficiency.
  • The high-power and large-torque engine can provide sufficient power.
  • The steel-structure counterweight clumps features higher precision, better collision resistance and more beautiful appearance.
  • The four wheels and crawler subject to special treatment feature higher bearing capacity, more sufficient reliability and more excellent durability.
  • The wire rope intensity is higher than that of its peers, featuring more sufficient safety and more excellent reliability.
  • The high-strength pulling plate can be installed conveniently, featuring stronger bearing capacity, more sufficient safety and more excellent reliability.
  • Two tension sensors equipped can reflect the stress of the pulling plate more accurately.
Crane Specifications

Technical Data Metric Chart Imperial Chart
Capacity 130 ton 140 U.S. ton
Main Boom 73 m 239 ft
Jib 31 m 101.7 ft
Winch Main and Auxiliary winches
Engine US EPA Tier III
Warranty: 1-year / 2,000-hours warranty service

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