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  • The unique light main boom is 86 ~ 92 meters long, featuring larger hoisting height and hoisting range;
  • Completely self-detachable ability.
  • Power hinge pins are used to connect the boom section and the rotating table, as well as the frame and the crawler frame, featuring simple, convenient and fast manipulation of lower labor intensity;
  • The hydraulic system adopts the world advanced pump control system, with the main components imported from Germany to achieve higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, higher reliability and longer service life;
  • The high-capacity hydraulic oil tank can have the hydraulic oil cooling fast and precipitated more fully to achieve slow metamorphic changes, less air bubbles and better lubrication of the system;
  • The high-capacity fuel tank can ensure long operation of the main engine to reduce the frequency of refueling and improve the complete working efficiency;
  • The intelligent self-diagnostic system features convenient maintenance;
  • Multiple safety protection of comprehensive video surveillance plus sound-light alarms;
  • The humanized intelligent design can fully meet the ergonomic demands.
Crane Specifications

Technical Data Metric Chart Imperial Chart
Capacity 180 ton 200 U.S. ton
Main Boom 92 m 301.8 ft
Jib 31 m 101.7 ft
Winch Main and Auxiliary winches
Engine US EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III
Warranty: 1-year / 2,000-hours warranty service

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