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  • Full-wheel drive, large ground clearance and strong off-road performance. It is suitable for off-road travel.
  • Complete-extension, half-extension and complete-retraction outrigger operation, no-outrigger operation and driving with load.
  • Full-wheel steering, short wheel base, small turning radius, strong maneuverability; it is applicable to driving and operation in a narrow field.
  • The cab and operating room are integrated into one. Comprehensive lifting operation increases lifting capacity of the front.
  • The main boom adopts big rounded polygonal cross section and ultra thin sheet with partial reinforcement, which brings the materials' mechanical properties into full play, gives the materials good resistance to buckling and good elasticity and greatly reduces the main boom weight.
  • The utilization of network node control technique can realize intelligent fault diagnosis, facilitate the troubleshooting for the electrical system of the complete vehicle and improve the maintainability of the electrical system.
Crane Specifications

Technical Data Metric/Imperial Product Guide Metric (75% rating) Product Guide
Capacity 75 (80 US ton) 75 ton
Main Boom 38.5m (126 ft) 38.5 m
Jib 10m - 17m (33 ft - 56 ft) 10 - 17 m
Winch Main and Auxiliary Winches
Engine Cummins QSB 6.7 Diesel
Warranty: 1-year / 2,000-hours warranty service.

Standard Equipment

RT75 - 80 U.S. ton crane

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